Nordic Perl Workshop 2006

Registration is now OPEN!!

The organizing comittee of Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 proudly present this years topic "Managing Complexity". International speakers that will attend this year include brian d foy, Gisle Aas, Abigail, Audrey Tang and Jos I. Boumans, in addition to local talents from the nordic countries. NPW'06 will feature two whole days of Perl including lots of interesting discussions, awesome speakers and great company. A superb place to learn about current topics, exchange ideas and experiences on managing complexity and discuss the use of Perl now and in the future.

The Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 will be held in Oslo the 15th-16th of June. The venue is located at the University of Oslo at Blindern. You'll find registration forms, maps, directions, hotel recommendations and more details on the official webpages. The conference program will be there too, when it's ready.

Conference details:

   Nordic Perl Workshop 2006
   at the University of Oslo, Norway
   June 15th and 16th 2006

Registration deadline: May 31st 2006
Registration fees:

 	Standard   50 EUR
 	Student    25 EUR
 	Support   400 EUR

Early registration will also guarantee you a place at the Norwegian Unix User Group's traditional summer barbeque party, so don't wait until the registration period expires (which is the 31st of May). Spread the word; Register Now!!

By mid-June, the sun will be shining all day long, the nights will be warm and light and we'll probably stay up all night trying to make each day of the Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 a rewarding and memorable experience for all who attend! But we still have some things to arrange in order to avoid chaos, lost nametags, too few T-shirts or not enough food & refreshments. If you are planning to participate at NPW'06, you can help us (a lot) right now by registering immediately! It's easy & fast; Just register your name, contact information and intention to come, so we may know well in advance how many will attend.

We really want to make the conference a great experience, so please help us out! Do come, and do register, bring your friends and cutting-edge curiousity. ;) We promise to do our best (and then some) to make NPW'06 a great experience for all!

We hope to see you soon! :)

- The NPW'06 Organizing Comittee -

Dag Asheim
Geir Aalberg
Lars Haugseth
Marcus Ramberg
Ole Øyvind Hove
Rune Nilsen
Salve J. Nilsen
Trond Michelsen