Nordic Perl Workshop 2006

The NPW'06 - "Managing Complexity"

The NPW postcard

Welcome to the Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 web site. The NPW has become a yearly event aimed at giving focus to Perl and the use of Perl in the nordic countries. The Workshop is this year hosted by Oslo Perl Mongers. With the experience from previous Perl workshops and the devotion to Perl and social happenings, we hope to give you an insight into Perl technologies as well as Perl society. This year we even got a notorious barbeque party for those of you who like parties :) The barbeque is the Norwegian Unix User Groups annual free software summer barbeque-party, (try saying that five times fast...). So stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime, spread the word and start planning for that great Oslo-trip this summer!!

Latest news:

12/06/15 - NPW has started! The doors open at 08:30 for registration, and the schedule begins at 09:00 in the large auditorium. Welcome to the Nordic Perl Workshop 2006!

12/06/06 - Details on the conference We have made a Guide to Oslo with the most useful information on where the hotels are, public transportation, places to visit and how to get to the venue when you're in Oslo. The guide is using Google Earth so please download it!

01/06/06 - Not too late to register
If you didn't manage to register and pay before the deadline, don't worry! It's not too late - the only downside is that you're not guaranteed access to the barbeque. The party venue has only capacity for 200 guests, so from now on it's "first come first served". Make sure to register and pay the conference fee ASAP!

15/05/06 - The schedule is done!
The schedule has been released, and you can find it in the menu on the left. We have a great program for you, and can reveal that Michael Schwern (of Test::Simple fame, among others) and Jesse Vincent (Request Tracker and Jifty). We will also have an Introductory course in Perl for those who would get to know Perl. Other topics include Perl 6, Agile Programming, several on web development and Perl benchmarking. Have a look at the schedule!

03/05/06 - Registration is now OPEN!!
The NPW'06 organizing comittee is proud to finally announce it's new official webpages! As a result of this, the registration has also opened for this years Nordic Perl Workshop. Let the registration begin!! On the Call for Registration page, you'll find more details about the conference, the people, the program and lots of other cool stuff taking place at this years Nordic Perl Workshop.

21/03/06 - Speakers
This years topic is "Managing Complexity", and thanks to our program manager, the list of speakers is steadily filling up, but we still want to hear from all you out there who want to participate with a talk at NPW'06. Please read our Call for Papers, where you will find information on how to submit your proposed talk.

19/03/06 - Papers & practical information
The webpages has now been updated with additional information about the NPW'06. You can find the Call For Papers and the Call For Sponsors on the left-menu, as well as practical information like directions and hotels.

01/03/06 - Website layout updated
The online preparations for The Nordic Perl Workshop 2006 has begun! We are proud to present the NPW'06 webpages in a new, everlasting fresh, positive and beautiful layout and coloring. Stay tuned for more happy-days!! ;)