Nordic Perl Workshop 2006

Writing applications with Qpsmtpd

Writing applications with Qpsmtpd

By Fred Moyer (‎FredMoyer‎) from San
Date: Friday, 16 June 2006 09:50
Duration: 40 minutes

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Qpsmtpd is a flexible smtpd daemon written in Perl. As the deployment base has grown rapidly over the past several years, it has proven to be a scalable, full featured smtpd daemon which provides a useful API for the development of plugins to extend the featureset.

Qpsmtpd however is much more than just an smtpd daemon. The plugin API provides a framework through which email based applications can be developed. Using emails as transactions, tasks which are normally accomplished via browser interfaces can be completed over email. The ideal workflow for an email based application is one that implements a fixed process given an input and carries out a series of steps which would normally be cumbersome using traditional browser based interfaces. With the proliferation of mobile devices which are email capable, this approach to application development becomes a compelling one.