Nordic Perl Workshop 2006

Agile Development in Theory and Practice

Agile Development in Theory and Practice

By Johannes Brodwall
Date: Thursday, 15 June 2006 11:00
Duration: 60 minutes

Background: In 2001, a group of thought leaders gathered to create the Agile Manifesto, uniting a set of modern development practices. The best known of these practices is Extreme Programming.

This talk will cover the basis of modern development practices such as Continuous Integration and Test-Driven Development in theory and practice. We will explore why rapid development cycles is beneficial, how to enable them, and how to compensate when you cannot deploy as frequently as you would like to.

The talk will cover technical aspects in theory, but will not explore Perl tools to enable agile practices in detail.

About the speaker: Johannes Brodwall is lead software architect at BBS where we works with enabling projects to use agile methods. In the evening he develops various small projects for fun and profit. He is one of Norway's most prominent advocates of agile software development practices. His Perl foo is very very limited.