Nordic Perl Workshop 2009

April 16-17 2009 Oslo, Norway

Wiki - Hackathon

To make the workshop a tad more interesting, we're inviting to a Perl 6/Rakudo/Parrot and Enlightened Perl hackathon, in cooperation with Redpill-Linpro!

What is a hackathon? It's an informal gathering of programmers and users of some software, where everyone tries to help (either by hacking, logging new bugs, designing new features or anything else) the projects in any way they can.

Hackathons can be very intense and fun learning experiences, both for newcomers and veterans. The hackathon is free, and anyone interested can come!

See details and sign up on the official hackathon wiki page.

Location: Redpill Linpro, Vitaminveien 1
Public transport stop: Storo
- Line 4 or 5: Ringen
Tram lines:
- Line 11

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