Nordic Perl Workshop 2009

April 16-17 2009 Oslo, Norway scalability scalability

By Cosimo Streppone (‎cosimo‎) from,,,
Date: Thursday, 16 April 2009 13:00
Duration: 40 minutes
Target audience: Intermediate
Language: English
Tags: community myopera opera performance scalability web

You can find more information on the speaker's site:

Opera Software is mainly known for its own internet browser, but has also created and it's continuously developing many web sites and services, like the My Opera community, started in 2001 as the official browser support forums.

From then on, the community has grown into a "social network", whatever that means, facing very common scalability problems. The code has been rewritten 3 times from scratch in the past, and the current dev team is now at a turning point.

How to keep the site running smoothly with increasing traffic and users?

This is an updated version (V2) of the talk presented at the Italian Perl Workshop in Sep 2008.

Attended by: Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (‎ilmari‎), Marcus Ramberg (‎marcus‎), Espen Myhre (‎espenmy‎), Lars Balker (‎lb‎), Jeremiah Foster (‎jeremiah‎), Jonathan Rockway (‎jrockway‎), Andrew Shitov (‎ash‎), Edmund von der Burg (‎evdb‎), Edoardo Sabadelli (‎viking-3‎), Stig Palmquist (‎stigtsp‎), Jan Erik Relling, Nicolas Mendoza (‎nicomen‎), Esteban Manchado Velázquez, Kristin Larsen, Andreas Parslow, Robin Smidsrød (‎robinsmidsrod‎), Nils Dahl, Kai Andresen, Daniel Blom, gizzlon, roger blom, Henry Downes (‎Dub‎),