Why Should I Learn C When I Already Know Perl?

By Benjamin Holzman (‎Ben‎) from NY.pm
Date: Saturday, 22 October 2005 10:00
Duration: 45 minutes

Hypothetical case study illustrating when, where, how and why to
combine C with Perl. Includes a C traps for the Perl programmer section.
Bio: Benjamin Holzman hacks mostly Perl and some C for Longitude, Inc., a
derivatives technology firm in New Jersey, USA. He is the author of CPAN
modules XML::Generator, Tree::Redblack, Text::Contraction and Net::Shaper,
none of which use any C. He has spoken at a variety of perl conferences in
the US and Europe over the years.

The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between the
Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers.