Nordic Perl Workshop 2005 wouldn't have been possible without the support from the following companies and individuals.

Adapt develops websolutions taking off in customers needs. Our focus is on systemintegration, usability and security. All development is based on Open Source technology and adheres to open standards.

The YAPC::Europe Foundation is here to provide support for Perl conferences in Europe. We're not an offshoot of YAS, our purpose is more focused on conference related business. Of course, though, we work hand in hand for the benefit of all.

DKUUG (Danish Unix User Group) is a danish IT-association, founded on the 18th. of november 1983.
The goal of the associations is to exchange information end experience on open systems and in general the newest knowledge on operating systems, Internet, communication also including development technologies and languages.

The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between the
Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers.