Distributed version control with svk

Distributed version control with svk

By Chia-liang Kao (‎clkao‎) from London.pm, Taipei.pm
Date: Saturday, 22 October 2005 15:30
Duration: 40 minutes

svk is quickly becoming the version control system of choice for many
people who need to work without a constant connection to a master
repository, to track and painlessly merge between multiple lines of
development, and to transparently branch others' projects.

svk uses Subversion storage and servers natively, so if your
organization is already using Subversion you won't need to deploy any
new infrastructure, and users can freely switch between svk and other
subversion clients.

The talk will demostrate daily development process with svk in
different scenarios to show how complicated tasks can be streamlined.
It will also discuss the design and the future of svk.

The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between the
Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers.