Module::Build for Build, Test, Configuration and Deployment

Module::Build for Build, Test, Configuration and Deployment

By jonasbn from
Date: Sunday, 23 October 2005 15:30
Duration: 30 minutes

As a part of the development strategy Module::Build has been chosen as the
preferred build, test and deployment system by the speaker.

Having used Module::Build for a few CPAN modules and finding out how easy it
was to extend - experiments where begun to see how well it scaled and the
experiment has been nothing but a success.

Module::Build lets you tweak where it is necessary without having to send
patches to its author.

Module::Build is now used as Build, Test, Configuration and Deployment system
for everything from module size and up.

The presentation will go over the general use of Module::Build and how to extendit with practical and real-life examples taken from current project from the
speakers portfolio.

- Extending Module::Build being the the standard
- subclassing
- overloading

- Influencing build proces behaviour
- arguments and omnipresence

- A few hacks and other small things

The presentation will not be a walk through of the Module::Build source, since
the speaker is not its author, but will be an introduction to use of
Module::Build and extending Module::Build still using the standard Module::Build.

The Nordic Perl Workshop is a joint venture between the
Copenhagen and the Stockholm Perl Mongers.